Saturday 10 May 2014

"...and then I'll tell you some more about me"

They say you should never go back. I don't know who they are but I hereby defy them. 

Recently, I've found myself, on several occasions, either having something to say or having a desire to be listened to. To actively communicate in a way that would be out of place on the likes of Facebook or Twitter. The realm of social media is a bit too restrictive these days if, like me, you have a propensity for waffling on a bit. 
So where to waffle? 
The old school social media world of Blogland seems the ideal place to me. A place I've not visited for some time but once called home, where I met wonderful people, where we marvelled at each other's lives and, for the most part, had a jolly good time. A bit like Bognor Regis but without the ex-wife! 

I don't have any great plan, no manifesto or flag to wave. One day I might leap to the defence of the much maligned Shed Seven (that day may well be tomorrow), the next I may spout forth my thoughts on Adolf Farage or I might ponder on whether mini chedders are actually a relatively healthy alternative to crisps or whether I'm just kidding myself. Who knows? Not me, that's for sure.

And you, lovely reader, are welcome to drop by whenever you bloody well like.


  1. Well, my dear, I am thrilled to see you writing again. You are a wonderful writer, I've always said.

    HistoryGeek formerly known as Spins

  2. Glad to see you here. (And you too, Spins and Charby!) I'm looking forward to reading more. I miss blogging too... other kinds of social media are definitely NOT the same!

  3. Aw ladies, it's like the old days! Xx

    1. yes! Just need Cheryl back on track and we're well away! I've missed you all too!!

  4. welcome back. It's not been quite the same without you. Nice to see you ladies too.